CAMBIO is a pop/rock band with


  • Antonio Guida as lead vocalist

  • Michele Cumar as bass guitar player and backing vocalist

  • Luca Valentino as guitar and keyboards player

  • Wolmer Facchin as drummer


Some History

The band was founded in Zurich at the beginning of 2007 by Antonio Guida.  Lorenzo Weibel joined later at the drums, Guido Egger at the guitar, Sal Nurrito at the bass guitar and Nicola Curcio at the second guitar. The first album, ‘Evadere’ was released in 2007.

In 2008 Sal Nurrito and Nicola Curcio decide to leave the band and Michele Cumar and Luca Valentino joined the group.

The Euro 2008 football championships held in Austria and Switzerland motivated the band to compose the single ‘Gioco di Testa’, a song dedicated to the Italian national team. 

During the following years the band performed live in Switzerland and Germany on various stages and worked at the same time on a new music project which concluded with the recording of a new album, ‘Il Tempo’, released in 2015, One of the songs of this album is regularly sent byRadio Swiss Pop.

In 2016 Guido and Lorenzo left the band and in 2017 two new musicians joined it: Koni Peter as drummer and Christian Bürge as guitar player. This new setup brought new styles and ideas to the group whose sound is now a result of funk jazz/fusion and pop rock  fusion.

In 2018 Koni and Christian decided to leave the band which is now working on new project to come back with new songs.

In 2020 Wolmer Facchin joined the band as Drummer and the we are getting ready for new concerts. Stay tuned!

2007 Evadere

2008 Gioco Di Testa

2015 Il Tempo